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Author: Jim Xing

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Tips to Help You Stay Healthy and On Track during the Festive Season

The festive season is one of the most challenging parts of the year to stay fit and healthy. Lots of businesses close for the holidays and plenty of families love to travel and go on vacation during this time of the year. Tables are overflowing with tasty morsels to eat and just about every store you pass has an abundance of delicious candies and chocolates on display to tempt you. To top it off, this isn’t the easiest season to stick to a workout program - or to get any form of exercise at all. These festivities don’t have to affect your health quite as much. It is important to try to stay healthy despite the festivities, especially if you are already dealing with a chronic...


How Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Differ From Western Medicine?

Chinese and Western medical therapies and methods both have been developed over a very long time and both of these remedies are supported by the World Health Organization. Chinese medicine is a much older medical therapy that has been developed for over 2000 years. Western medicine isn’t quite as ancient as Chinese medicine although there are various cultures across the globe that did practice an ancient form of western medicine.   While both of these medical therapies are highly effective in treating medical conditions, they do differ quite a lot. Here is a quick look at the main differences between Chinese herbal medicine and Western medications. A Difference in Theory One of the biggest differences in these medical practices is the theory. Western medicine is evidence-based on scientific technology,...


10 Herbs Used In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has been used to help heal for centuries. One of the most common practices in traditional Chinese medicine is the use of herbal products.  Healing herbs are herbs that are used to help improve the body and overcome certain medical conditions.  We mostly associate herbal therapy with Chinese medicine specifically but in truth, these natural remedies are often prescribed by modern medicine. Lots of western medications are manufactured from plant extracts but unlike Chinese medicine, these medications often contain elements that are not quite as healthy for your body. Many years of research went into identifying herbs that offer medical benefits without any negative side effects. Today more than 300 herbs are commonly used in Chinese herbology. TCM experts need to study these herbs in...


Spring Allergies Driving You Crazy? Here’s How Chinese Medicine Can Help

Spring is a beautiful season because it is full of life, the weather is at its finest and gardens are overflowing with beautiful new growths and blossoming flowers. Not everyone, however, is in love with this time of the year. For some, spring can be an absolute nightmare that causes them to feel ill, sleep-deprived and sore.  Pollen allergies and hayfever are not easy to live with. It isn’t fun to sit with the sniffles while everyone is getting to work on a new workout program or having fun in the pool. You are feeling tired all the time because you cannot get enough sleep due to breathing difficulties and it certainly isn’t fun to feel like your nose and eyes are on fire the moment...


Can Chinese Medicine Help Treat Respiratory Problems?

Respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Hay Fever, Chronic Bronchitis and more can have a huge impact on your quality of life. These conditions place huge restrictions in your comfort and your ability to stay healthy or enjoy sports.  It is incredibly hard to go for a run if hay fever attacks cause you to sneeze and wheeze the moment you step out the front door. It is hard to enjoy life when you are constantly plagued by an asthma attack. And conditions like chronic bronchitis make it very hard for you to work out and stay healthy. These types of conditions don’t just affect your current situation. In the long run, they could have a huge impact on your overall health, on the way you look and feel and on...


9 Things You Didn’t Know About Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM is one of the oldest professions that is still practiced by many to this very day. And yet, not many people know much about this alternative treatment at all. A lack of knowledge is often what holds people back from trying this seasoned form of medicine that can help a multitude of ailments. Here are nine things you probably don’t realise about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine Can Treat the Body Before Disease Occurs People usually struggle with the symptoms of a medical condition for a very long time before a proper diagnosis is made. In the time it takes your body to start telling you that something is wrong, your condition keeps worsening.  Chinese medicine isn’t a wonder treatment but...


5 Precious Tips to Help You Switch Over To Natural Medicine with Ease

Natural medicine and remedies like those provided by Evergreen CMC can help you overcome a number of health problems including chronic conditions without being exposed to all of the negative side effects that modern medicine has. If you heard of a specific remedy or alternative natural medicine and want to try it then it is important to never simply dive in.  Lots of modern medicines are not to be messed with and cannot be discontinued just like that. These medications can cause lots of damage if you suddenly stop taking your daily dosage. In many cases and with many health conditions you need to be gradually weaned off your medication in order to prevent damage or to keep withdrawal symptoms from affecting your body negatively. The switch...


Can Chinese Medicine Help With ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) is a very common disorder amongst children and many adults.  Children with this disorder struggle to concentrate, sit still or practice self-control. For some, the condition might be mild and many kids do advance in school despite struggling with concentration problems.  But for others ADHD can result in learning disabilities, reckless behavior that can be life-threatening and the condition often results in all sorts of other problems such as depression when children cannot perform in school, get any tasks completed or make friends. Today there are many treatments and remedies that you can try for ADHD.  But if you want a treatment or medication that doesn’t have any negative side effects on your child’s mind or development then you...


Here’s What No One Tells You about Acupuncture

Alternative medical treatments such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, herbal therapy, and Chinese medicine aren’t elaborately advertised or marketed online like conventional solutions. As a result, there are many things that you might not know about these types of medical treatments, especially compared to the average knowledge you likely already have with regards to modern medicine. If more people knew about the extraordinary benefits of these alternative medical remedies, the world might certainly be a much healthier and different place. So many people wouldn’t have had to undergo painful surgeries or suffer from negative side effects of chemical medications. Instead, many would enjoy healing without relying heavily on pharmaceuticals alone. If you want to make a change in life then the best thing you can do right now...


TCM – A Good Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Traditional Chinese Medicine is successful for treating a number of health issues without exposing your body to toxins, chemicals or any other medications that have negative side effects. Lots of people who receive this treatment for Fibromyalgia state that these ancient treatments are tremendously helpful for reducing the signs and symptoms of this chronic condition and eases life and everyday tasks tremendously. What Is Fibromyalgia? The condition isn’t life-threatening but can cause lots of discomfort and agony in your body throughout your life. Fibromyalgia is quite common. It is estimated that 2% - 10% of Australians suffer from the condition. The condition affects mostly women. Those that suffer from Fibromyalgia (FM) endure symptoms such as chronic pain, tenderness in their body, muscle stiffness, frequent fatigue and many...