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Author: Jim Xing

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Can Chinese Medicine Help For Weight Loss?

Chinese medicine is a great weight loss tool whether you are trying to shake a few pounds or need to combat obesity so you can avoid terrible chronic conditions such as diabetes.   Many of the treatments used in this ancient medical practice can help you lose weight and keep the weight off so you can enjoy an overall better life.   There are many weight loss treatments out there but we do feel that Chinese medicine is one of the best because it is safer.   Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss Is Safer Other diet mixes can have a very bad impact on your health.  Some of these instant weight loss remedies and tonics can even result in kidney and heart failure.  Most of these weight loss treatments also only offer...


Chinese Medicine Can Help For These Mental Illnesses

Mental conditions are often caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  Chinese medicine is extremely beneficial for treating mental health conditions.   Many feel that these natural remedies are better for treating mental conditions because the side effects of so many western medications are often worse than the effects of the disease itself.   Side effects such as weight gain, muscle spasms and contractions, tremors, addictions, and others that can also result in other mental health issues.   A good example is treatments for ADD that cause weight gain can eventually result in depression in addition to the ADD.   Western medications also cannot cure mental health issues.  They can treat the symptoms but, overall, the patient will still have the same mental health issue.   The long term result, for many...


7 Interesting Things You Should Know About Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as herbal treatments, acupuncture, remedial massage are some of the most ancient medical treatments known to man. The methods used in these remedies have been perfected over 2100 years. Being such an old and ancient medical treatment, you can bet that Chinese medicine is packed with loads of interesting things to learn about. Here are some of the most fascinating facts you need to know about if you are considering switching over to these natural and healthier medical solutions. 1. Chinese Medicine Has Been Used Since 1100BC This medical treatment was introduced in China over 2100 years ago. The first records of TCM being used were found in the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon. This book was written around 150BC but some herbal treatments date...


The Best Ways to Reduce Stress with Chinese Medicine

In our modern way of living it can be easy to become overwhelmed.  Too many responsibilities, relationship hardships, and constant exposure to content via technological devices all contribute to higher stress levels.  Stress can have a terrible impact on your body, health, and mind.  High levels of stress can cause all sorts of imbalances in your body.  This mental condition can lower your immune system leaving you vulnerable to infections and diseases.  Chronic stress can also result in elevated cortisol levels which can eventually result in chronic medical conditions such as obesity and other metabolic disorders.   It is incredibly important to take good care of yourself and to start looking for ways to get rid of stress and tension.  In Chinese medicine, many holistic practices are designed to combat...


Ways to Protect Yourself from Getting the Common Cold And Other Viruses

Traditional medicine dates back thousands of years ago.  These ancient remedies were used to help people survive before individual viruses could be mapped out and before cures could be developed for many diseases.  These old healing treatments are still holding up to this very day and are invaluable for building up your body’s immune system as well as for lightening the symptoms of many chronic conditions for which even modern medicine cannot do much. Now that the coronavirus has broken out here in Australia, everyone is scared to death and looking for good ways to strengthen the immune system so they can avoid catching this dreaded disease in the coming winter. Chinese medicine and a few other basic methods can help you stay protected from the common...


How Chinese Medicine Can Lend Protection against Viruses

It is always good to look for ways to protect yourself and your family from viruses.  Everyone in Australia has been stressing about the coronavirus since the virus entered the country but this is hardly the only virus we need to be concerned about. There are many viruses that are just as, if not more, dangerous than the coronavirus.  A few examples include HIV, Ebola, Influenza, and Rotavirus.  Many viruses don’t have a cure while some, like the coronavirus, can be treated. In any case, it is much better to protect yourself from getting infected in the first place rather than try to cure the virus once you have it.   Chinese Medicine is a good treatment for many medical conditions.  These treatments mainly focus on improving the...


Why Herbal Treatments Are a More Sustainable Healthcare Solution

There is no doubt about it.  Modern medicines can do wonders for your body.  Many people today are only alive because of modern medical treatments.  These treatments can save your life if they are applied at the right time and in the right dosage.  But great caution also needs to be taken when using these modern medications.   In our modern-day, it is just too easy to grab a pill for just about any issue we face.  Pain killers are some of the most commonly abused pharmaceutical drugs. These pills offer superb instant relief and we love to take a pill for every pain and ache we endure without really considering just how much chemicals we absorb into our bodies or what the negative side effect...


Tips to Help You Stay Healthy and On Track during the Festive Season

The festive season is one of the most challenging parts of the year to stay fit and healthy. Lots of businesses close for the holidays and plenty of families love to travel and go on vacation during this time of the year. Tables are overflowing with tasty morsels to eat and just about every store you pass has an abundance of delicious candies and chocolates on display to tempt you. To top it off, this isn’t the easiest season to stick to a workout program - or to get any form of exercise at all. These festivities don’t have to affect your health quite as much. It is important to try to stay healthy despite the festivities, especially if you are already dealing with a chronic...


How Does Chinese Herbal Medicine Differ From Western Medicine?

Chinese and Western medical therapies and methods both have been developed over a very long time and both of these remedies are supported by the World Health Organization. Chinese medicine is a much older medical therapy that has been developed for over 2000 years. Western medicine isn’t quite as ancient as Chinese medicine although there are various cultures across the globe that did practice an ancient form of western medicine.   While both of these medical therapies are highly effective in treating medical conditions, they do differ quite a lot. Here is a quick look at the main differences between Chinese herbal medicine and Western medications. A Difference in Theory One of the biggest differences in these medical practices is the theory. Western medicine is evidence-based on scientific technology,...


10 Herbs Used In Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has been used to help heal for centuries. One of the most common practices in traditional Chinese medicine is the use of herbal products.  Healing herbs are herbs that are used to help improve the body and overcome certain medical conditions.  We mostly associate herbal therapy with Chinese medicine specifically but in truth, these natural remedies are often prescribed by modern medicine. Lots of western medications are manufactured from plant extracts but unlike Chinese medicine, these medications often contain elements that are not quite as healthy for your body. Many years of research went into identifying herbs that offer medical benefits without any negative side effects. Today more than 300 herbs are commonly used in Chinese herbology. TCM experts need to study these herbs in...