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Effective Traditional Treatments in Chadstone

Our Evergreen Chinese Medical Centre provides a relaxing, natural and healing atmosphere for you to receive some of the most effective natural treatments. Our acupuncture service in Melbourne can help relieve pain and symptoms for a wide range of ailments, giving you a better quality of life both physically and mentally.

How acupuncture could help you

Acupuncture Chadstone

When it comes to traditional Chinese medicines, we take pride in using all-natural ingredients that are great for your mind and body. While western medicine can leave you with painful and sometimes long-lasting side effects, natural remedies can be a great alternative. Additionally, our experienced Evergreen staff have been known to use acupuncture on Chadstone patients and have incredible results. The burdens of eczema and infertility have been alleviated using this method of treatment, and it has been known to complement the IVF process for many people trying to conceive. For many people, it is a welcomed relief from years of expensive and unhelpful surgeries or pharmaceutical medicine.

A treatment plan just for you

We understand that each body is different and therefore responds uniquely to different techniques and remedies. To guarantee that you get the best treatment for your condition, our professional staff tailor a plan specifically to what you are hoping to get out of our service. With world class doctors working in both our Caulfield and Chadstone clinics, you can feel confident that our acupuncture and other traditional methods will get you on the path to feeling healthy and happy once again.

Save yourself from pain and book an appointment today

Regardless of the condition you’re experiencing, our acupuncture services can provide a wide range of benefits – most importantly, this form of treatment addresses the causes of illnesses, as well as their symptoms. Anyone interested in receiving treatment that is totally natural and drug-free should get in touch with their nearest Evergreen Chinese Medical Centre by calling 9041 8879 for our Murrumbeena clinic or 9785 6688 for our Frankston location.