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Evergreen Chinese Medical Centre FAQ's
Does acupuncture hurt?

Many people feel a small transient sting as the acupuncture needles are inserted. Acupuncture should not hurt, and it is important to distinguish between pain and the ‘de qi sensation’. Following an acupuncture session, some patients may experience minor side effects that are mild and self-correcting, such as a light headache and occasional minor bruising.

What is the difference between acupuncture and dry needling?

Both modalities involve the placing of needles at specific points in the body, but there are vast differences. Acupuncturists study for a minimum of 4 years and are registered with the CMBA. Acupuncture follows a holistic approach by balancing body, mind and spirit while dry needling focuses only on the affected area. Click here for more information.

How does Chinese herbal medicine taste?

Most Chinese herbal teas taste bitter, and it is recommended that you endeavour to drink it as is; however, if you are unable to cope with the taste, it is usually okay to add some honey to the tea after checking with your practitioner.

What goes into Chinese herbal medicine?

There are more than 450 substances commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine – most are of plant origin though some animal and mineral substances may also be used. Some substances that were used traditionally are no longer part of modern professional Chinese herbal medicine practice. For example, traditional remedies with extracts of endangered species have been replaced by other substances with similar actions.

How many visits will I need?

Due to its natural and holistic nature, Chinese medicine treatment can be a relatively slow process. The number and frequency of treatments will depend largely on the individual circumstances and desired outcome. After considering these factors, our practitioners should be able to give you a general indication of how many treatments you will require to achieve the desired level of wellbeing, and will keep you informed of your progress during the various stages of your treatment.

What can I expect from my initial consultation?

During your initial consultation, our practitioners will take a case history of your current health concerns, past health conditions and a range of related matters, including diet, lifestyle habits, occupation, sleeping patterns, appetite and menstrual cycle. The doctor may also examine your tongue and monitor your pulse. Please feel free to bring any documents, scans, etc. that you feel will be of use during the consultation.

Is Chinese medicine safe?

Chinese medicine is generally considered to be a relatively safe and natural form of treatment; however, as with all health treatments, occasional adverse reactions and effects may arise in individual cases.

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