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Acupuncture for Pain Management

About pain

Pain is one of the most common complaints which physicians see, and can come in many forms, including headaches, fibromyalgia, joint pain, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, tennis elbow, menstrual cramps, etc. Pain is not a condition in itself, but rather an indication of a problem somewhere in the body.

Usually, the location of the pain within the body corresponds with the location of the problem it is indicating, for example, elbow pain caused by an inflamed tendon underneath; however, cases in which pain is experienced in a location away from the problem also exist, such as leg pain resulting from a prolapsed disk pushing on a nerve in the back. In addition, the intensity of the pain usually provides an indication of the severity of the underlying problem.

How TCM may help

In TCM, pain is explained as the stagnation of the flow of Qi along invisible channels, known as meridians, along the body. Normally, an abundant supply of Qi, or life energy, flows along the meridians; however, pathogens may cause this flow to become stagnated, resulting in illness and pain. Acupuncture for pain sessions work through the insertion of needles along specific points along these meridians, to re-establish the normal flow of Qi, and thus alleviate the pain associated with the stagnation.

TCM treatment, which encompasses acupuncture for pain and Chinese herbal medicine, takes a holistic approach to treating pain, by improving the general constitution of the body, and encouraging it to promote its own natural healing. The best acupuncture in Melbourne works to alleviate pain by stimulating the body to produce natural steroids, which decrease inflammation, and release endorphins, a natural pain inhibiter produced by the body. Research has shown that these substances are more effective than prescription drugs in alleviating pain.

Acupuncture for pain can be an effective method in alleviating pain. Acupuncture, combined with Chinese medicine, may have the following benefits:

  • Stimulates the body to heal naturally
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling quickly
  • Relaxes the body’s muscles and stops spasms
  • Maintains positive results for longer
  • Prevents reoccurrences
  • Increases circulation to the local area
  • Promotes psychological wellbeing in addition to physical wellbeing

How we can help

At our clinic, Dr. Xing has assisted a large number of patients who had previously been suffering from various forms of pain. After undergoing Dr. Xing’s treatment, many patients not only found that their symptoms were effectively relieved, but their general wellbeing also saw improvement as a result.

If you find yourself suffering from pain, do not hesitate to contact our clinic to seek treatment from Dr Xing. In his consultation, Dr. Xing will examine the cause of your specific type of pain, and treat accordingly.

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