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Can Chinese Medicine Help With ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) is a very common disorder amongst children and many adults.  Children with this disorder struggle to concentrate, sit still or practice self-control. For some, the condition might be mild and many kids do advance in school despite struggling with concentration problems.  But for others ADHD can result in learning disabilities, reckless behavior that can be life-threatening and the condition often results in all sorts of other problems such as depression when children cannot perform in school, get any tasks completed or make friends.

Today there are many treatments and remedies that you can try for ADHD.  But if you want a treatment or medication that doesn’t have any negative side effects on your child’s mind or development then you should certainly look into Chinese Medicine.

Yes, Chinese Medicine Can Help With ADHD

TCM treatments are not just great for controlling ADHD, the treatments focus on targeting the root cause of the problem so children can overcome the problem or live with the problem on a long term basis.  

The Five Elemental Types of ADHD Children

ADHD can have varying symptoms in children because the severity of the condition differs and children are so different from one another.  In Chinese Medicine, we categorize ADHD sufferers under five elemental types; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Wood types – These kids are physical, competitive, always on the front line and make great leaders.  They also tend to act out physically when stressed which can result in arguments and even physical aggression.   These children are usually seen as the Wild Child.

Fire types – These children are happy, social and love to have fun. They seek out thrills and excitement and love to be the centre of attention.  They don’t particularly like school because it gets boring and they are often seen as the Class Clown.

Earth types – These children are focused on the social world.  They want lots of social contacts, need to fit in, love to play peacekeeper and they talk a lot.  They are more interested in what friends are doing than they are about their school work.

Metal types – These children are very sensitive and pay attention to detail.  They love control and precision. These children usually struggle to accept other’s visions and cannot let go of small details or feel negative when they cannot be in charge.

Water types – These children feel very deeply.  They have vivid imaginations, are wisdom seekers, and are not concerned about time, peer pressure or responsibilities.  These children withdraw in stressful scenarios and love to indulge in their dream world instead of paying attention in class.

How TCM Practitioners Go To Work

TCM practitioners approach each type of child differently in order to balance the elements.  Various remedies and methods are used to help children overcome these conditions such as the following;

Meditation – Deep breathing and meditating to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Diet therapy – The types of food children eat can have a huge impact on their cognitive ability.  Diet therapy is very important for treating and living with ADHD.

Reducing visible stimulation – ADHD children are very sensitive to visual stimulation.  All five elemental groups need to be monitored when it comes to visual stimulation such as TV, video games and tabs.  By reducing over stimulating children can concentrate much better.

Physical activity – The right type of physical activity based on your child’s elemental type can make a huge difference in his or her ability to sit still and stay focused.

These are just a few of the many different steps TCM practitioners take when treating ADHD.  If you want to find a natural and healthy way to treat and live with this condition as a family then we recommend you make a booking at Evergreen CMC right now.  

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