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What Are The 5 Elements In Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine views the human body in a completely different way than western medicine. The five-element theory is used for insight when diagnosing and treating medical conditions.  Each of these elements is connected to each other and with other external factors. In this article, we are going to take a quick gander at the five elements in Chinese medicine and the way these elements correspond with each other or affect our health. The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine  The five-element theory was developed many years ago in ancient china. These elements can also be explained as phases, forces, nature, transformation, and movement.  Here is a quick look at the five elements.   Wood Back when practitioners developed the theories they didn’t know much about bacteria and viruses. They related back...


Spring Allergies Driving You Crazy? Here’s How Chinese Medicine Can Help

Spring is a beautiful season because it is full of life, the weather is at its finest and gardens are overflowing with beautiful new growths and blossoming flowers. Not everyone, however, is in love with this time of the year. For some, spring can be an absolute nightmare that causes them to feel ill, sleep-deprived and sore.  Pollen allergies and hayfever are not easy to live with. It isn’t fun to sit with the sniffles while everyone is getting to work on a new workout program or having fun in the pool. You are feeling tired all the time because you cannot get enough sleep due to breathing difficulties and it certainly isn’t fun to feel like your nose and eyes are on fire the moment...


5 Precious Tips to Help You Switch Over To Natural Medicine with Ease

Natural medicine and remedies like those provided by Evergreen CMC can help you overcome a number of health problems including chronic conditions without being exposed to all of the negative side effects that modern medicine has. If you heard of a specific remedy or alternative natural medicine and want to try it then it is important to never simply dive in.  Lots of modern medicines are not to be messed with and cannot be discontinued just like that. These medications can cause lots of damage if you suddenly stop taking your daily dosage. In many cases and with many health conditions you need to be gradually weaned off your medication in order to prevent damage or to keep withdrawal symptoms from affecting your body negatively. The switch...