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Spring Allergies Driving You Crazy? Here’s How Chinese Medicine Can Help

Spring is a beautiful season because it is full of life, the weather is at its finest and gardens are overflowing with beautiful new growths and blossoming flowers. Not everyone, however, is in love with this time of the year. For some, spring can be an absolute nightmare that causes them to feel ill, sleep-deprived and sore. 

Pollen allergies and hayfever are not easy to live with. It isn’t fun to sit with the sniffles while everyone is getting to work on a new workout program or having fun in the pool. You are feeling tired all the time because you cannot get enough sleep due to breathing difficulties and it certainly isn’t fun to feel like your nose and eyes are on fire the moment you leave home!

Allergies can be extremely uncomfortable to deal with because they are often a chronic condition for which modern medicine can do very little. If you experience allergy attacks and hayfever when Spring comes around, it may very well be worth your while trying out an alternative treatment like Chinese Medicine. 

How Chinese Medicine Can Help With Allergies

Eastern Medicine like Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can be instrumental for dealing with the symptoms of allergies because this form of medication deals with the root cause of your allergies instead of simply focusing on managing the symptoms.

In Chinese Medicine, we believe that allergies result from an imbalance in your body. In most cases, it is your body’s internal energy or “Qi” that are not balanced. 

Allergy symptoms flare up when your body’s organs require rebalancing due to a deficiency or an excess of something in your bloodstream. For example; sneezing doesn’t always result from irritation to the nasal cavities. Your nose and throat are connected to your lungs and by focusing on improving the lung function; your nose might not become triggered to sneeze. Itchiness or redness of eyes is usually linked to a problem in your liver function.

When you visit a Melbourne TCM Practitioner, your practitioner will identify the root cause of the problem and help you overcome this problem so allergy symptoms will be reduced. 

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How Allergies Are Treated With TCM

Chinese medicine uses different treatments and remedies to help overcome your allergies. The type of treatment we prescribe depends on your medical history, overall health and on the condition you are suffering with. Here is a quick look at some of the remedies we might prescribe.

1. Increase greens 

We might advise you to increase your green food intake since these foods are helpful for detoxing the liver and other organs.

2. Reduce stress 

The liver and many other organs are sensitive to stress. A deep tissue massage, acupuncture or meditation techniques could help reduce your stress levels to boost your health in general as well as your resistance to allergies.

3. Increase nutrition 

You might be advised to increase your intake of certain nutrition-rich foods to help fuel a healthier body.

4. Cupping therapy 

Cupping reduces blockages in the lungs and can help increase circulation to the area to help you prevent coughing, wheezing and clear up nasal congestion.

5. Acupuncture 

This remedy is known to alleviate allergy symptoms almost immediately. The treatment also focuses on restoring balance in your body and promoting blood circulation to targeted organs to help you reduce allergies.

6. Avoid certain foods 

Your TCM practitioner could also advise you to avoid certain foods that might cause allergy, phlegm or result in an imbalance in your organs. Foods such as dairy, hot & spicy, sugar, raw foods, grease, and other sources might be excluded from your diet to help you live a happier and healthier life.

At Evergreen CMC we can help you overcome your allergies so you can love spring just as much as everyone else. 

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