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The Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used for treating various diseases for over 3,000 years. If these treatments are applied correctly and at the right time, they can offer many health benefits or they can be used to target most medical problems.

Lots of people seek out acupuncturists when they are suffering from back pain or muscle pain and these treatments are frequently used to treat chronic conditions, hormone imbalances, digestive issues, emotional disorders and many other conditions.

When you go for an acupuncture session to treat a specific disorder or condition, you are very likely to also experience a great many other positive effects or benefits. Here is a quick look at the top benefits that acupuncture provides.

Relieves Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal pain is a type of pain that affects your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and many small tendons in your body. Some experience musculoskeletal pain after obtaining an injury, from stress or a bad sitting or sleeping position. Those that suffer from chronic conditions like arthritis endure these pains daily.

Acupuncture helps treat different types of musculoskeletal pain and is effective for reducing all sorts of pain including back pain, neck pain, knee pain, muscle pain and joint pain. The treatment is also effective for reducing inflammation in joints.

Treats Hormonal Imbalances

When you go for a full-body acupuncture session, you are also likely to experience an extra benefit of balance in hormones. These sessions help reduce PMS, tenderness, acne, cramping, appetite changes, sleep changes and can help restore your body’s cycles.

Reduce the Intensity of Mood Disorders

Since acupuncture assists in balancing hormones, body cycles, heals the body and reduces stress levels, it may also help treat mood disorders like anxiety and depression. Patients usually feel much better and more positive immediately after the first treatment and these treatments can have lingering results. Regular acupuncture sessions can be very helpful for those who suffer from a mood disorder but are not able to or do not want to use antidepressants or anxiety medications.

Sleep Better At Night

Acupuncture has a high success rate for treating sleep disorders. This treatment can improve your ability to fall asleep, reduces the chances of waking up at night, helps you fall asleep faster, reduces disruptive dreams and can also help treat other conditions like snoring, sleep apnoea and restless leg syndrome.

Even if you get acupuncture for pain or some other disorder, you are very likely to feel calmer and more relaxed which may help get some quality shut-eye at night.

Treat Headaches and Migraines

People who stress a lot or suffer from hormonal imbalances are quite prone to getting headaches and migraines regularly. Acupuncture sessions for headaches can reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches and migraines which can improve your overall well being and life quality. Getting off pain meds can also save you a lot of money, improve your overall health and is beneficial for promoting a healthier digestive system.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Acupuncture is also helpful for treating allergic diseases. Weekly acupuncture sessions can build your resistance to allergens and will reduce your outbreaks and the intensity of symptoms within just a few weeks. With regular treatments and care you can dramatically reduce your dependence on antihistamines and enjoy a fuller life with higher energy levels.

When you book your first session at Evergreen CMC, you will start enjoying the many benefits that acupuncture has to offer. These holistic treatments are an ideal illness management solution that will help you overcome and find balance.

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