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Tips for a Healthy and Happy Christmas

Most people find it hard to stay healthy during Christmas.  There are so many temptations when everyone is in the mood for indulging and fine dining and no one wants to stick to a rigorous workout routine while everyone else is having a blast.

If you want to try and be healthier over the festive season so you can avoid feeling guilty about that extra weight you gained or the way your skin looks in January then you should consider the following natural health remedies.

Make A Booking With Your TCM Practitioner

If you want good health results despite the festive temptations then you should make a booking with your local TCM practitioner.  A professional can help you diagnose your health issues accurately and will then offer you the best advice with regards to some needed dietary and lifestyle changes.  These professionals can also help you with herbal remedies to help combat hunger cravings and weight gain when you are trying to stay fit and healthy.  

Use Smaller Plates and Bowls

We all tend to overeat during the festive season.  This is usually because there is a much greater variety of foods available during family gatherings and you really want to have a taste of everything.  Switching over to a smaller plate or bowl can help you maintain healthy portions.  Your plate will also look fuller and can trick your mind into thinking that you ate more than usual when you simply consumed your usual portion.  

Drink Lots of Water

Water is terrific for healthy and glowing skin.  Staying hydrated also helps flush out toxins from your body and lots of water can help you feel fuller throughout the day.  Ideally, you should start your day off with one glass of lukewarm water on an empty stomach to kick-start your metabolism.  Next, you can drink a glass of water before eating each meal to help you feel fuller.  You can also drink a glass of water every time you feel those hunger cravings.  Just before bedtime, you can have another glass of water to help you digest the food you consumed during the day.  Don’t exceed more than 2 litters of water consumption unless it is truly warm.  Too much water can also be unhealthy for your body.  

Focus On Healthier Foods 

Try to make healthier foods for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner table.  Consider a healthy green salad instead of a pasta salad or a slice of lean meat instead of a beef stew.  When you are putting out snacks, you should also try to focus more on healthy snacks such as cucumber sticks, cocktail tomatoes, and low carb baked goods instead of those sugar-loaded sweet treats that are so popular during the festive season. 

Choose To Have More Outdoorsy Adventures

Lots of families spend Christmas day sitting around the dinner table or watching TV.  While it is perfectly fine to get lots of rest on this special day, it is much better to get up and move.  Try to plan at least one activity for each day of the festive season.  You can go for a walk, enjoy a hike, play pool, swim or arrange a family dance instead of lying around all day long.  

Limit Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are usually mixed with all sorts of sugar-loaded drinks.  Try to limit the amount of soda you drink during your parties by switching over to a healthier beverage like beer.  You should also try to limit your alcohol intake during this season because the roads do tend to be more dangerous with more people enjoying the festivities.  

Drink Green Tea

It isn’t easy to say no to tasty treats during the festive season but every little thing you do to help your health during these hungry times will be tremendously helpful for keeping that extra weight off.  

With these tips and the help of a skilful practitioner, you can enjoy a guilt-free festive season that leaves you feeling good about yourself when 2021 arrives. 

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