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Traditional Chinese Medicine Remedies to Help You Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is a favourite season for people who love to swim or get out into the sun. But not everyone is fond of this toasty season. A lot of people despise feeling all worn out and sweaty and hot days can make you feel angry, irritated, and bloated.

If you don’t love summer then it is time for you to make a few lifestyle changes. The following traditional Chinese medicine remedies can help you stay cooler so you can also have lots of fun this summer.

Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important serenity tasks to focus on during summer. If your body is hydrated, you feel better, more energetic, and healthier because all your organs can function efficiently and your liver and kidneys can filter out unhealthy toxins with ease. Try to drink about two liters of water every day. If you have a tough time drinking water then you can make your own fruit-infused water or flavour your drink with a sugar-free flavourer.

Lighten Up Your Diet

Eating the right foods can make you feel energised and will keep you from getting that deadweight feeling in your tummy. Try to focus on cooler food types like a fresh chicken salad, some cool pasta mixes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and cooled soups this summer. These foods are packed in nutrients and can also help you lose weight.

Enjoy an Acupressure Session

Acupressure can be a good method to cool down your body because these sessions ease irritability. You can do your own acupressure by holding down pressure points in your body for four breaths, release for one breath, and repeat this motion for two minutes for each pressure point. It is however more effective and much more relaxing to get acupressure from a skilled acupuncturist.

Get an Herbal Tonic to Combat the Effects of Heat

Warmer temperatures can cause all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms like pain, redness, swelling, agitation, aggression, recklessness, racing thoughts, and worrying. The right herbal tonic or herbal treatment can help you combat these symptoms so you can feel more comfortable in your own skin despite the excessive heat. Speak to your TCM practitioner about a tonic that includes cooling herbs like coriander, mint, rose, lavender, dill, chamomile, lemon verbena, chick week, elderberry, hibiscus, and others. The right herbal tonic can clear up the unwanted symptoms and can balance your mood so you can feel better and full of life throughout the summer.

Enjoy Cooling Activities

Staying fit is important for your health but it can be challenging to work out on a scorching hot day. Instead of hitting the gym, going for a run or cycling, you should give cooler activities a try. Doing laps in a swimming pool is one of the healthiest exercises you can enjoy because it will help you stay cool, these exercises can reduce depressive emotions, it is a great cardiovascular workout and your lungs will get plenty of exercise.

If you don’t have access to a pool then you can also try an indoor exercise with a spinning bike or treadmill so you won’t be exposed to too much direct sunlight.

Dress Light and Breathable

Dressing for the warmer weather will keep you from becoming irritable and will keep you from sweating excessively so you won’t dehydrate. In summer, you should wear looser clothing pieces that are made from natural fabrics like linen. These breathable fabrics allow your body to shed heat. You can also focus on bright coloured or light pastel garments since these lighter colours reflect the sunrays.

While most of these remedies are excellent for staying cool, the best thing you can do this summer is to book a session with your TCM practitioner from Evergreen CMC. Your practitioner can help you with an herbal treatment, workout program, and diet program that will help you stay fresh and healthy no matter how hot the weather might be.

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