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6 Advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional medicine and western medicine go hand in hand. These two complementary medical treatments both have their own set of benefits. 

The treatments are very different but if applied correctly at the right times, they can be tremendously helpful for overcoming a huge variety of medical impairments.

A lot of medical professionals feel that in many cases, Chinese medicine remedies are ideal for treating chronic conditions and western medications are ideal for reducing symptoms and treating immediate threats. Chinese medicine is said to have more health benefits when applied over a long, consistent period. Here is a quick look at the top benefits that Chinese medicine has to offer, most notably when it comes to the management of incurable diseases and conditions.

Fewer Negative Side Effects

Many mainstream medications can come with a very long list of possible negative side effects. Even a simple analgesic can have detrimental effects on liver and kidney function if overused.

Chinese medicine is composed of natural remedies and ingredients. When prescribed correctly, these natural products should hardly ever have any negative side effects on your body. You can usually safely enjoy these natural remedies for years on end without experiencing any of the harmful side effects that so many mainstream medications are associated with.

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Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is a root cause of a wide range of diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Herbs and treatments like acupuncture and acupressure used in Chinese medicine are designed to reduce inflammation in your body. When inflammation is reduced, your overall health improves and the chronic conditions you face lighten up.

Improves Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Western medicine has a very negative effect on our bodies and often results in muscle degeneration.

When Chinese medicine remedies are combined with strength training exercises, these treatments can improve your muscles. Herbal therapies are also designed to nourish and strengthen your body. This results in stronger muscles and tissues which promotes your overall well being.

Reduces Stress

Treatments like deep tissue massage, acupuncture, acupressure, and herbal therapy are all very soothing and relaxing. These treatments can reduce your overall stress and eases tension in muscles and joints.

When stress is under control, your body can regulate hormones better and the immune responses of your body functions a lot better. Your body’s natural healing process is accelerated and your overall health and immune system improve.


Depending on the course of treatment prescribed, Chinese medicine treatments can often be a lot more affordable compared to other options. A lot of people with chronic conditions seek out Chinese medicine because these remedies are more sustainable in the long run and often yield better results. 

Improves Your Overall Health

A lot of traditional remedies are prescribed along with healthier lifestyle changes like diet therapy, exercise, and herbal treatments. These healthy treatments are all designed to boost your overall health and body. With a stronger immune system you can fight off infections better and your body is a lot stronger and healthier. The negative side effects of your chronic condition also reduce so you can live a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.

 Both western medicine and Chinese remedies can be wonderful treatments. In the long run, it may be beneficial to seek out a more holistic approach to health. Book an appointment at Evergreen CMC and consider implementing natural medical treatments that can be sustainable, affordable and make your health issues more manageable.

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