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Chinese Medicine Tips to Spring Clean Your Body

Laura Ingalls Wilder believed that: “Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” This saying might be aimed at spring but it is just as fitting for Chinese Medicine remedies.  Simple ancient health remedies are hard to beat because they have been tried and perfected over thousands of years.  

Spring is the one season when most people are focused on cleaning their homes.  While it is good and healthy to spring clean your home, it is also important to remember to spring clean your body during this lively season.  

Here is a quick look at some of the best tips to clean and refresh your body this month.


Book an Appointment with Your TCM Practitioner

Every person is unique and has their own set of unique problems.  If you are planning on boosting your health or need to identify a diet or workout routine that will offer effective results then you should book an appointment at Evergreen CMC.  A physical examination and health assessment will be done.  During these examinations, the TCM practitioner will consider your current health, all prescription medications you are on, and your history.  He or she will then develop a diet, herbal or workout routine that can help you achieve your health goals in less time.  

Increase Your Water Intake

In winter, we all tend to prefer warming foods and beverages. More focus is put on drinking herbal teas because these yummy teas have so many immune-boosting ingredients. 

But now that it is getting warmer, you should increase your water intake.  Your body will start to sweat a lot more as the temperatures increase. 

Gradually increase your water consumption as the days warm.

Drinking plenty of water is very good for your body because it helps flush out all sorts of toxins and unhealthy microbes.  

Go Outside More Often

It is important to take advantage of the warmer weather.  Go out more often and try to spend more time out in the fresh air. 

Natural sunlight will supply your body with immune-boosting Vitamin D and fresh air is always good for boosting your mood.   

Try to do some of your daily activities outside.  Enjoy outdoor meditating sessions, eat your breakfast outside or move a chair outside so you can enjoy the fresh air and plenty of natural light while you read.  

Move More

Spring mornings start earlier and the days are much longer.  This means that there is plenty more time for a bit of movement.  Try starting a new exercise program or go for a daily walk.  Exercises like running, swimming, dancing, yoga, and many others will help you maintain a healthy weight and can promote your heart health.

Grow an Herb And Veggie Garden

Eating fresh vegetables and herbs is great for your body and by growing your own garden, you will get more excuses to spend time outside in the delicious sunlight.  You will also get more opportunities to move which can boost your overall fitness levels.

Spring Clean Your Home

How can spring cleaning your home help clean your body?  Deep cleaning sessions offer your body and mind plenty of positive benefits.  It isn’t healthy to live in an environment that is infested with germs, bacteria, and tilth.  By spring cleaning your home, you will get a good workout and your living environment will become much healthier.  

Cleaning and decluttering can also make you feel better since clutter and dirty surfaces have been known to increase depressive feelings and reduce concentration. 

Stay Warm

Spring is a lot warmer but there can still be plenty of chilly days ahead. 

You should gradually increase your consumption of cooling foods but you can still enjoy warming cooked meals when the days are still chilly.  Stay warm so you can avoid catching a cold.  Even the slightest of colds can have a huge impact on your immune system.

 With these tips and the diagnosis of a skilled TCM practitioner, your body will look and feel a lot better in no time at all. 

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