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9 Things You Didn’t Know About Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM is one of the oldest professions that is still practiced by many to this very day. And yet, not many people know much about this alternative treatment at all. A lack of knowledge is often what holds people back from trying this seasoned form of medicine that can help a multitude of ailments. Here are nine things you probably don’t realise about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  • Chinese Medicine Can Treat the Body Before Disease Occurs

People usually struggle with the symptoms of a medical condition for a very long time before a proper diagnosis is made. In the time it takes your body to start telling you that something is wrong, your condition keeps worsening. 

Chinese medicine isn’t a wonder treatment but it can help you recognise these changes in your body early on so you can make the right lifestyle and diet changes to help prevent serious medical conditions such as diabetes.

  • Chinese Medicine Works Well Alongside Other Health Modalities

You don’t have to turn your back on your current health solutions or on western medicines to give Chinese medicine a try. In China, doctors practice in both Western and Chinese medical practices because these natural remedies are complementary to other health modalities. 

In many cases, a combination of Chinese medicine and western medication can be the ultimate solution to help a patient enjoy optimal health or deal with a serious condition more effectively.

  • Not All TCM Practitioners Use Animal Products

In Australia, we seldom use animal products in order to treat diseases. Many clinics like Evergreen CMC focus mainly on animal-free products such as plant-based products to create herbal therapies.

  • Acupuncture Needles Are Disposed Of After Every Use

In order to prevent the spread of disease, all acupuncture needles are disposed of in a sharps container after each use. A fresh pack is opened for every new patient that enjoys this revolutionary treatment.

  • Acupuncture Needles Are Made Of High-Quality Materials

Not just any steel is used for the manufacturing of acupuncture needles. Many people are allergic to metals and as a result, cannot be injected with just any type of metal needle. Acupuncture needles are manufactured from surgical stainless steel in laboratories in order to create a hypoallergenic product that won’t irritate or cause infections to customers. 

  • Chines Herbs Are Rigorously Tested

All practitioner-prescribed herbs are thoroughly tested and TGA approved. We also have lots of companies here in Australia that manufactures our own herbal medicines in order to ensure quality. 

  • TCM Practitioners Also Use Your Pulse for Diagnosis

In Western medicine, your pulse can tell medical professionals a great deal about your health and the same goes for Chinese Medicine. We have about 28 pulse classifications that tell our practitioners more about your current state of health.

  • Acupuncture Guide Tubes Date Back To The 1600s

These guide tubes make it much easier to insert those tiny needles in the exact spot. The first guide tubes were created when Waichi Sugiyama, the father of Japanese Acupuncture, started to struggle due to poor eyesight. 

  • TCM Practices Are Not 100% Traditional

TCM practices are not caught in the dark ages. We know how effective many western medical tools can be and we leverage tools such as pulse and blood pressure machines or stethoscopes in order to provide our patients with the best possible care. 

Want to find out more about Chinese Medicine or set up your first consultation to see for yourself what you think about it? At Evergreen CMC we are happy to help you learn more. Give us a call to find out more about this form of treatment or to see if we can help you with a certain issue. 

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