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Can Chinese Medicine Help Treat Respiratory Problems?

Respiratory conditions such as Asthma, Hay Fever, Chronic Bronchitis and more can have a huge impact on your quality of life. These conditions place huge restrictions in your comfort and your ability to stay healthy or enjoy sports. 

It is incredibly hard to go for a run if hay fever attacks cause you to sneeze and wheeze the moment you step out the front door. It is hard to enjoy life when you are constantly plagued by an asthma attack. And conditions like chronic bronchitis make it very hard for you to work out and stay healthy.

These types of conditions don’t just affect your current situation. In the long run, they could have a huge impact on your overall health, on the way you look and feel and on your general ability to work and function.

Can TCM help with respiratory problems?

Chinese medicine has been used for treating respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis for thousands of years. In most cases, a combination of natural treatments is prescribed to help improve the condition of the patient. A combination of acupuncture, herbal medication, physical workouts, and even lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in the severity of your problem. 

Acupuncture and herbal medications are used to help dispel phlegm and for relieving dyspnoea to help control the symptoms of these medical conditions. Once the symptoms start clearing up, acupuncture is used to strengthen your lungs, spleen, and kidneys which boosts your health in general and prevents the recurrence of the condition. The herbal treatments also assist in boosting your immune system which reduces reactions caused by allergens and can make a huge difference in your condition. 

In many cases, lifestyle changes such as avoiding dairy, sugar, fried foods and more can also help you overcome the condition. Avoiding certain foods does also increase your general health, especially when allergen products are excluded from your diet. Lifestyle changes may also include workout programs that are designed to help increase your lung capacity and strengthen the lung muscles.

These natural remedies are mainly designed to improve your body in the following ways:

  • Improves your immune system
  • Reduces allergic reactions
  • Reduces bronchial inflammation
  • Expand the walls of airways by adjusting sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Reduce mucus and phlegm production in lungs
  • Increase lung capacity

How we at Evergreen CMC can help you

Evergreen CMC is a certified Chinese Medical Centre. Our TCM practitioners will first examine your condition and find out about your medical history before making a new and accurate diagnosis. Our practitioners are aimed to identify the root cause of your problem in order to find a solution that will offer you long term improvement rather than simply temporary relief. 

Every treatment we prescribed is adapted according to your unique respiratory condition, other medical conditions with which you might be dealing with and according to your specific lifestyle 

Evergreen Chinese Medical Centre what is chinese herbal medicine

When our medical treatments and remedies are prescribed to suit your individual and medical needs, you are much more likely to find a treatment that provides you with positive results. 

Book your appointment now

If you are looking for an alternative treatment for an ongoing issue and have consulted with your GP to ensure it is safe for you to do so, TCM and acupuncture can be well worth a try. 

Book an appointment with Evergreen CMC right now. You can start on a new journey that doesn’t involve in chemical drugs with negative side effects. Our natural medicines are highly effective, offers lots of added benefits to help you improve your health in general and can make a huge difference for your life according to your condition.

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