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Can Chinese Medicine Prevent You From Getting Winter Colds?

Mid-winter is here, which means the chances that you have battled several winter colds by now is pretty high. Winter is already tough enough with the challenges of staying warm and comfortable. Having to also battle a sore throat, pounding headache and a runny nose hardly seems fair. And yet, here you are, battling your way through one cold after another each and every winter.

One of the biggest reasons you are constantly battling with the same old cold is probably because you use the same old methods to get rid of your cold and to keep from getting a cold.

If you are sick and tired of trying the same old prescribed medications and getting the same snotty, sore, and stuffy results, then perhaps it is time to give Chinese medicine a try.

What Exactly is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine is quite diverse. This form of medicine has been practiced and perfected for over 2500 years. Chinese medicine includes various treatments such as herbal medicines, acupuncture, massage, and exercise and diet therapy. This method mainly focuses on disease prevention instead of healing the symptoms. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you never got the cold this winter to begin with? Many believe that Chinese medicine is effective for treating cold symptoms and for preventing you from getting the illness in the first place.

Chinese Medicine Therapies for Winter Cold

As we mentioned before, there are different forms of Chinese medicine. In the case of a cold, there are quite a few different Chinese medicine therapies that can be used to prevent you from catching the illness.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture reduces the chance of getting the winter cold because the treatment boosts your immune system and makes you more resistant to illness. This method can also be used to reduce the symptoms of the flu. Certain trigger points in your body are stimulated, which speeds up recovery in certain areas and relieves symptoms like muscle tension, headaches and more. The treatment is also great for boosting your energy levels while you are battling this exhausting sickness.

Herbal medicines – We all know that pharmaceutical drugs have plenty of negative effects on our bodies. Something as simple as a headache tablet, for example, can cause kidney failure. Chinese herbal medicines are all natural herbal products that have absolutely no negative impact on your body. These alternative medicines are a lot healthier for you. They have been known to result in a much quicker recovery rate and improved symptom relief for those with the cold.

Massage – A good old massage can make a world of difference in how you feel. Plenty of people suffer from terrible body spasms while they are battling the cold, and the tension in your body can keep you from getting healthy. A good deep tissue massage can help you relax, which will reduce cold symptoms and will speed up your recovery.

Diet therapy – Your Chinese medicine doctor can also help you find a healthier diet that is packed with plenty of cold-fighting foods to boost your immune system.

Exercise – Exercise before you catch a cold can boost your immune system, and calming exercises like stretches and yoga are also great for relieving cold and flu symptoms.

At Evergreen CMC, we strongly believe that Chinese medicine can make a world of difference in your overall health. These therapies are especially good for keeping you from catching a cold in the first place. For more information on alternative medicine options, contact us today.

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