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How We Determine Your State of Health

Acupuncturists often seem like they have magical capabilities.  You might complain about a headache and they will point out that you also have backaches.  You might say that something is wrong in your knee and your acupuncturist will magically know that your toes might also be feeling abnormal sensations.  

In truth there is nothing magical about acupuncture treatments and acupuncturists are not magicians.  They are simply people who spent many years studying ancient Chinese medicine that has been developed for over 2000 years.   They are just experts who know that all parts of your body are connected to a meridian system and different points that affect specific organs, body parts and result in different problems or sensations.

So how do acupuncturists at Evergreen Chinese Medical Centre know what your state of health is when they first meet up with you?

Acupuncturists will first ask what your main problem is

Before any physical examinations will be made, your acupuncturist will inquire about your main complaints. What drove you to come and see our TCM doctors?  Are you battling to get rid of headaches? Are you suffering a back pain? Do you want to lose weight? What is the main reason for you to seek help?

You will be asked plenty of questions

The acupuncturist will then ask about the main problem.  You may be asked about the pain, sensations and other symptoms that revolve around your issue.  You will also be asked about when the condition started, how frequently you experience pain or difficulties and what you might think the problem might be.  

There might be questions about your history

Your personal history can give acupuncturists plenty of information on what the root cause of the problem may be.  Questions about your work history, family history, family medical conditions and any traumatic experiences might be asked.

There will be plenty of questions about your lifestyle

Acupuncture goes hand in hand with plenty of lifestyle changes.  We might ask about bad habits like smoking and drinking, we might inquire about your diet and probably will ask plenty of questions about your work conditions, work environment and all of the activities or sports that you love to enjoy.

A physical examination will be performed

Evergreen Chinese Medical Centre Acupuncture

Acupuncturists will have to do a physical examination.  

In most cases the acupuncturist will focus on the main problem.  For example; if you have issues in your leg then your leg and back might be examined.  It is however not uncommon at all for acupuncturist to check out your entire body during the examination because the entire body is connected and the root cause of the pain in your leg might originate from a completely different body part.   Here is a quick example of things acupuncturists can spot from physical examinations;

  • Thyroid problems can be detected by checking the shape and size of the thyroid gland, the swallow complexion, tongue and more.
  • Your pulse might be checked to identify all sorts of problems or conditions.  Your pulse can tell an acupuncturist if you are pregnant, fighting off a disease like a cold or if you have internal organ problems.
  • By checking the tongue your acupuncturist can identify plenty of problems.  Tongue movements and look can give clues on various problems like tension in your neck and jaw, strain in your body and much more.  Redness at the tip of the tongue can also indicate fatigue or a bad nights sleep.
  • The condition of your nails also gives plenty of clues about your body health.  Fungus indicates digestive stress. Brittle nails can indicate blood disorders. Lines underneath the nail can indicate nutrition deficiencies.

It takes years of studying and practice for acupuncturists to be able to determine the state of your health but all of this time and effort spent pays off because our acupuncturists are incredibly spot on with their diagnosis and have been known to give patients great relief from the first treatment.

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Jim Xing

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