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Chinese Medicine Can Help For These Mental Illnesses

Mental conditions are often caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.  Chinese medicine is extremely beneficial for treating mental health conditions.  

Many feel that these natural remedies are better for treating mental conditions because the side effects of so many western medications are often worse than the effects of the disease itself.  

Side effects such as weight gain, muscle spasms and contractions, tremors, addictions, and others that can also result in other mental health issues.  

A good example is treatments for ADD that cause weight gain can eventually result in depression in addition to the ADD.  

Western medications also cannot cure mental health issues.  They can treat the symptoms but, overall, the patient will still have the same mental health issue.   The long term result, for many patients, is that they end up with more mental health conditions that require more medications to treat.

With Chinese medicine, patients experience minimal side effects, if any at all.  These natural treatments are also often just as effective as western medications.  Some Chinese medicine remedies are even successful in curing or overcoming the mental health problem so patients can live normal lives.

Chinese medicine can be a practical treatment for a huge variety of mental illnesses such as the following;


Stress is an important emotion or feeling in our bodies because it can warn us of potential danger and keep us safe. But chronic stress over elements that cannot be controlled (work, home life, illnesses) can have a huge impact on your health and your ability to socialize and focus.  Stress can cause various physical symptoms such as aches and pain, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, dizziness, chest pain, rapid heart rate, frequent colds and flu, and many others.  

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Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses that are treated with Chinese medicine. 

There are still various theories as to what causes depression.  This condition usually involves persistent feelings of sadness, a loss of interest, and physical symptoms such as fatigue.  


Anxiety is a very common disorder in our modern lives.  In this condition, intense and persistent feelings of fear and worry are felt throughout the day even in everyday situations.  This condition can result in symptoms such as fast heart rates, rapid breathing, sweating, fatigue, and others.  


Insomnia basically involves the inability to sleep, get enough sleep, stay asleep, or feel well-rested after sleeping.  Insomnia often goes hand in hand with other medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, and can even be caused by a lack of exercise.  Sleep training and behavioral changes are often sufficient for treating this condition but Chinese medicine is often leveraged for better results.


ADD or ADHD is the inability to focus or concentrate for long periods of time.  This condition is especially common in school children and can be outgrown.  Many people do however continue to suffer from ADD even as adults.  Chinese medicine remedies such as dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and herbal treatments are very successful in treating ADD or ADHD. 


This condition affects your ability to think, feel, and behave correctly or clearly.  People who suffer from this condition often seem out of touch with reality.  They can have disorganized speech, they often show odd behaviors and withdraw from participation in daily activities.  Schizophrenia sufferers may also struggle to stay focused or concentrate.

Chinese medicine doesn’t always cure mental illnesses.  Many of these treatments do however improve your life quality despite your condition dramatically.  These treatments also significantly reduce the symptoms of these mental conditions so patients can cope better or even live normal and happy lives.  

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