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7 Interesting Things You Should Know About Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as herbal treatments, acupuncture, remedial massage are some of the most ancient medical treatments known to man. The methods used in these remedies have been perfected over 2100 years. Being such an old and ancient medical treatment, you can bet that Chinese medicine is packed with loads of interesting things to learn about.

Here are some of the most fascinating facts you need to know about if you are considering switching over to these natural and healthier medical solutions.

1. Chinese Medicine Has Been Used Since 1100BC

This medical treatment was introduced in China over 2100 years ago. The first records of TCM being used were found in the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon. This book was written around 150BC but some herbal treatments date back to around 1100BC.

2. Developed In China, Used All Over the World

Chinese medicine may originate from China but this is a popular treatment that is trusted all over the world. TCM is common in all countries and is especially loved here in Australia where people are constantly seeking out the best natural remedies with very few negative side effects.

3. Chinese Medicine Has Many Treatments

Most people who are not familiar with TCM believe that this treatment only includes acupuncture and herbal medicines. This alternative medical solution is however quite vast. There are many different branches to this treatment such as acupuncture, tai chi, cupping, herbal medicines, diets, meditation, and various others that can be used to help someone find a balance that works great with their condition and lifestyle.

4. Most TCM Herbs Originate From Plants

Most of the TCM herbal treatments are sourced from natural plants. Herbs like goji berries, ginger, cinnamon, and fruits like loquats, pears, and grapefruit have lots of medical properties. All in all, over 300 common herbs are used in TCM but herbal treatments can make use of a very vast variety of plant sources.

5. TCM and Western Medicine Go Hand In Hand

Just because you are using TCM treatments doesn’t mean you have to say no to all western medical treatments. These two different types of medical treatments can complement one another very well. Western medication is ideal for those who need instant relief such as acute diseases. Chinese medicine is terrific for finding balance in the long run by boosting your immune system and finding a good balance despite living with a chronic medical condition.

6. TCM Is Tailored To Suit Each Individual

With western medication, all persons are treated based on their body mass and blood type. TCM remedies, on the other and is tailored to suit each person’s individual need. Various aspects such as medical history, surrounding medical conditions, mental state, and others are considered when prescribing a good medical treatment. 

As a result, TCM usually offers better results since each person is unique.

7. TCM Hospitals Are Not 100% Traditional

Just because some of the treatments and remedies used in TCM is ancient, doesn’t mean that these medical professionals don’t leverage modern science at all. In most TCM practices, lots of modern technology such as blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, blood tests, and other remedies are used to make an accurate diagnosis. TCM practitioners are also happy to help those who rely on western medications find balance in their life with TCM treatments. 

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