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Chinese Medicine Remedies to Try For Insomnia

Some people can sleep like a log. But getting some shut-eye can be a true battle for those who struggle with insomnia. Insomnia is a fairly common condition. About one-third of Australians will struggle with sleep issues at least one point in their lives.  In most cases, insomnia is short-lived and eventually passes without medical intervention. 

But 5% of Australians struggle to overcome this common issue. Sleep problems that keep dragging on for months on end can have a terrible effect on your life. Conditions such as chronic fatigue, poor concentration, depression, and bad moods can all result from sleep deprivation.  

Seeking professional help from TCM practitioners is the best thing you can do for your health if your insomnia isn’t clearing up. 

What Is Insomnia?

This condition basically includes anyone who struggles to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get plenty of quality rest. If you have insomnia, you can lie awake for hours on end without falling asleep or you could constantly wake up during your sleep. In both cases, you end up more tired the following morning than you were when you went to bed. 

Common Cause for Insomnia

There are quite a few things that could be causing your insomnia. Stress is one of the biggest factors that cause this condition. Poor sleeping habits or an irregular sleep schedule can also be the cause of this condition. Mental health issues like anxiety or depression might be causing your sleep disturbances. For some people, physical illnesses, pain, and medications might be the cause of their problems. 

The Best TCM Remedies to Treat Insomnia

Chinese Medicine is a great natural treatment to consider no matter what might be causing your insomnia. These treatments usually do not involve any chemical medications like sleeping pills. They are often designed to target the root cause of your problem so you can overcome your insomnia for good. Here is a quick look at the most common TCM treatment for insomnia;


This is a good alternative treatment for insomnia. In these treatments, certain pressure points like your spirit gate, three yin intersection, bubbling spring, inner frontier gate, and wind pool, are targeted. By stimulating these pressure points, sleep quality can be improved. 

Diet Therapy

Many foods and beverages can affect your ability to sleep. Caffeine beverages like coffee, for example, can keep you awake until late at night. Sweet and spicy foods can also keep you awake. When you start to focus on Yin foods like tofu, cucumber, bananas, watermelon, and green beans, you will quickly start to feel less anxious and your sleep patterns might improve. 

Herbal Treatments

A lot of herbs can be helpful for inducing sleep and for calming your senses so you can stay asleep for longer. For light sleep problems, you can start drinking herbal tea like camomile tea before going to bed. Hot milk and honey can also be very soothing and calming. If you have serious sleep disturbances then it might be better to book an appointment so you can get herb prescriptions that are specially developed to induce sleep. 

Lifestyle Changes

Some lifestyle changes can also improve your sleep quality. A regular sleep schedule, for example, will train your brain when to shut off. More exercise during the day can also help you burn all that excess energy so you can fall asleep. Avoiding alcohol and less TV time at night can also make a huge difference. 


Meditating before bed is another great treatment to try. Meditating isn’t just good for overcoming sleep disturbances, these activities are also superb for calming your senses and reducing stress and anxiety. 

At Evergreen CMC you can get the best advice and help from professional TCM practitioners. Make a booking today so you can overcome your insomnia and start sleeping like a baby at night.

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