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Chinese Medicine Remedies to Try For Back Pain

Back pain is one of the toughest pains to deal with, especially if you suffer from chronic back pain. This type of persistent pain will undoubtedly affect your mood and can make you feel very depressed and annoyed. 

People with back pain are often short-tempered and they are very prone to violent outbursts when the pain becomes too hard to bear while you are trying to do everyday tasks or your job.  

Chinese medicine can be very helpful for reducing chronic back pain since these treatments usually don’t have any negative side effects and don’t require you to take medications that might make you feel sluggish or that can cause addictions. If you are fed up with living with pain then you can consider the following alternative treatments for back pain. 


Acupuncture is a very popular treatment for back pain because it is safe and highly effective. Acupuncture has been a common practice for treating pain for over 4,000 years. 

In this treatment, fine needles are used to stimulate specific nervous points in your system. Stimulating these points causes your body to release certain chemicals into your muscles, spine, and in your brain. Chemicals like endorphins and enkephalin can naturally reduce the amount of pain you feel. 

These chemicals and hormones can also influence your body’s regulating system so the damage in your back will naturally heal. Acupuncture is also terrific for soothing pain caused by stress and tension because the endorphins released into your muscles instantly relax these muscles so you won’t feel as much pain. 

Deep Tissue Massages

Deep tissue massages are also terrific for reducing back pain, especially if your back pain is caused by stress, tension or a sports injury. The TCM practitioner will apply pressure to specific pressure points in your back. When these pressure points are targeted and stimulated, your body naturally starts to produce neurochemicals that help soothe and relax these muscles. You will feel instantly better and natural healing is promoted so your injured muscles can recover. 

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy involves placing warmed stones that are made of volcanic rock on certain parts of your body. These stones are usually between 130 and 145 degrees F which means they won’t cause damage to your skin. Hot stones stay warm for a long time and the stones transfer heat into certain parts of your body like your spine. Therapists might also use these stones to massage sore muscles. The massages and heat from the stones are terrific for reducing the pain you feel in your back and can promote healing. 

Exercise Therapy

Obesity can sometimes cause back pain because your spine needs to carry so much more weight than it is designed for. But it is not just obesity that can cause back pain. Inactivity can also result in back pain. If you are too inactive, your muscles weaken and the spine becomes the main support for keeping your body upright. With no support from your back and tummy muscles, all of this pressure eventually deteriorates your spine. 

Exercise therapy for weight loss or to strengthen your back muscles can make a huge difference in the pressure you feel in your spine. The right exercises might even solve your back ace problems for good. 

Diet and Herbal Therapy

Consuming certain foods can help fight inflammation in your body. Foods like brightly coloured fruit and vegetables, fatty fish, leafy greens, monounsaturated fats, nuts, and seeds all have been proven to reduce inflammation in your back that could be causing pain. 

Certain herbal treatments like calcium treatments can also strengthen your bones while herbs like fenugreek are terrific for promoting stronger back muscles. 

Evergreen CMC

There are quite a few different treatments in Chinese medicine that can help you overcome back pain. If you are interested in one of these treatments then you should make a booking at Evergreen CMC and see a skilled practitioner who can help guide you to a pain-free and happy life. 

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