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Find Pain Relief for Arthritis with Chinese Medicine

Arthritis is a common joint disorder that results in inflammation of the joints. This disease is quite painful to live with. The inflammation in joints causes pain, stiffness and in many cases, bones and joints will start to grow out of place. There are quite a few different forms of arthritis and each of these forms has different symptoms. Gout, Ankylosing spondylitis, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, polymyalgia rheumatic, reactive arthritis, secondary arthritis, and juvenile arthritis are all variations of this terrible disease that often affects other parts of the body such as skin, eyes, lungs, heart, and kidneys.

At present, there are no medical treatments to cure arthritis although there are many treatments available that can slow down the disease, improve symptoms and reduce inflammation in joints. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the best treatments for all different types of arthritis. These medicines have been proven effective over the years and are used by millions of people all over the world.

In the TCM division, arthritis is referred to as “Bi Syndrome” and results from the body being invaded by pathogenic factors of wind, cold, heat and dampness. These pathogenic factors cause blockages of the meridians and collateral joints and also affect the bodies Qi.

Acupuncture for Treating Arthritis

Acupuncture is one of the most common treatments for arthritis. Acupuncture assists tremendously in pain relief because it relaxes tense muscles in the body that worsen the condition. The needle pricks are also focused on nerve endings and stimulate healing in these areas.

During the healing process, your body naturally starts removing obstructions in meridians and local circulation is boosted which reduces the inflammation of joints and tremendously improves pain. Acupuncture also stimulates the release of endorphins – your body’s natural painkillers – and stimulates the production of anti-inflammatory hormones which relieves your body from inflammation and reduces pain significantly.

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Herbal Treatments for Arthritis

Herbal medicines are often created to relief pain, nourish and strengthen the joints and to prevent the recurrence of inflammation. Herbal treatments are surprisingly powerful for treating the condition and, unlike other arthritis medications, these natural remedies don’t have negative side effects such as blindness in store for the user.

Diet Therapy for Arthritis

A healthy diet plan can also assist in reducing inflammation and prevent the condition from worsening. Our TCM specialists will help you identify foods that worsen the condition and will advise you on the best foods to consume to reduce inflammation and pain.

Life Change Therapy

In many cases, our TCM practitioners also prescribe specific exercises in order to improve joint functioning in affected areas. These exercises are critical since the condition often results in joint stiffness which eventually causes muscles to tense up or weaken.

Acute arthritis can easily cause mobility problems over time and only good exercise will help maintain proper joint functioning so the patient can stay active and happy for as long as possible. It is important to follow prescribed exercises so you won’t end up damaging inflamed joints to worsen the problem by doing the wrong types of workouts.

If you are suffering from arthritis then the best thing you can possibly do for yourself and for your future health is to book an appointment at our TCM specialists. Our experienced TCM practitioners can assess your condition and will get right to work at providing you with a suitable therapy or treatment . Many of our therapies such as acupuncture will offer immediate relief and you will feel much better from your very first visit. Our other treatments such as herbal treatments, diet therapy, and lifestyle therapy won’t have immediate results but will benefit your health tremendously in the long run.

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