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6 Chinese Medicine Facts You Never Knew

Chinese medicine is one of the oldest forms of treatment practised to this very day. For more than 3,500 years, people have benefited from these alternative health treatments and remedies and yet it is surprising to see just how little people know about these successful healing methods. In fact, few people even know that there is a good and reliable alternative to modern chemical medications.

It is high time for more people to learn more about Chinese medicine and all the benefits of acupuncture, herbal therapy, diet therapy, and lifestyle advice and that is exactly why Evergreen CMC is now going to share a few facts about Chinese Medicine that you probably don’t know.

01. Successful For Treating Various Health Conditions

These natural remedies and medications are designed to get to the root cause of the problem so you can overcome the illness or condition for good. Chinese medicine is successful in treating various health conditions, many of which modern medicine has no cure. Headaches, pain, arthritis, insomnia, stress, depression, ADD, ADHD, and many other conditions are treatable by TCM practitioners.

02. Acupuncture Doesn’t HurtEvergreen Chinese Medical Centre what is chinese herbal medicine

If you ever saw acupuncture in action or viewed these methods on commercials or television shows then seeing those needles puncture into flesh can be quite nerve-wracking. In truth, acupuncture isn’t painful. Most people don’t even feel all of the pricks of those fine needles and instead feel relaxed or feel subtle sensations such as warmth and tingling in the body. Only on rare occasions will you feel slight pain sensations that go away within seconds.

03. Chinese Medicine Works Best When Applied Consistently

Acupuncture and herbal therapy, like physical therapy and chronic medication, works best if applied consistently. These remedies are designed to work naturally with the cycles of your body. The remedies function best over a longer period of time and usually benefit your overall health instead of simply curing a specific region of your body.

04. Chinese Medicine Is For All Ages and Stages

Most people view Chinese medicine as only for adults but most of these remedies are perfectly safe for people of all ages. In fact, herbal therapies are often much safer for children and infants than over the counter medications that have so many negative side effects. Pregnant women that usually suffer tremendously because they are not able to consume medications such as painkillers during pregnancy can also find relief from pain and various health conditions because all remedies are all natural and perfectly safe during pregnancy.

05. A Warmer Touch Promotes Healing

Most modern medical facilities rely on cooling treatments for healing. Clinical rooms are always kept icy cold and ice is usually applied to various injuries in order to deal with acute pains. In Chinese medicine, we believe that heat is a much better source for healing. Ice is a great component for dealing with injuries in the beginning stage but will eventually restrict blood flow and inhibit healing. Heat promotes blood flow and warmer healing agents helps dilate blood vessels which promotes blood flow. The warmer touch and remedies of TCM practitioners help you heal faster.

06. Acupuncture Communicates With the Central Nervous System

The central nervous system is critical for maintaining body function. It is the communication path between organs, cells, muscles, tissue and the brain. Sometimes these nerves become blocked or simply don’t function well and the brain cannot send messages to specific organs, tissues, muscles or to your blood to promote healing. In acupuncture, the nervous system is calmed down and the release of pain-killing opioid neuropeptides is promoted. Certain nerve endings are also targeted which helps your mind focus on these areas in order to reopen communication channels and to promote healing in areas where you are experiencing pain.

There are many more things you probably don’t know about Traditional Chinese Medicine and at Evergreen CMC we are happy to share these secrets with you. Give us a call or book an appointment so you can heal and reach your full potential when it comes to health.

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