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Fun Facts About Chinese Medicine And How It Can Help You

Chinese medicine is one of the most fascinating medical treatments in existence. People across the globe line up to make use of this non-invasive medical treatment because it offers a great many benefits without exposing your body to chemical substances or causing unwanted symptoms. In this guide, we are going to take a closer look at this type of holistic medicine and we share a couple of fun facts you might not know just yet.

The Oldest Medical Text In The World Is A Tcm Book

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been around for thousands of years before one of the practices was finally penned down in text form. The Huang Di Nei Jing was created around 300B.C. and features information about different acupuncture points in the body that can be used to treat medical conditions. 

You Likely Already Enjoyed Tcm Without Knowing It

Many of the home treatments you use to treat a common medical condition are also used in chinese medicine in Melbourne 

For example; in TCM, high fevers are also treated with a cool bath or cool washcloths. 

That moment you press down on your templates to alleviate a headache, you are actually practicing a form of acupressure, and stimulating certain pressure points does help alleviate the pain you feel. 

Another good example is when you take natural herbal treatments like lavender oil to calm your senses or honey to soothe a cough. 

And any message you enjoyed at a spa was also inspired by the historic minds behind Chinese medicine who use acupressure and massage therapy to promote healing.  

Historic Practitioners Kept People Healthy Instead Of Curing The Sick

Chinese medicine’s main function is to prevent you from getting sick. The treatments can be helpful for recovery but they are a lot better for preventing disease and injuries. In historic times, doctors were paid to promote the health of patients and not just to treat current conditions when people are already ill. 

Chinese Medicine Can Be Dangerous If Abused

You will find plenty of DIY websites, blogs, and YouTube videos where you can learn how to whip up all sorts of herbal therapies on your own. But doing so is a bad idea.

The medications used in Chinese medicine are mostly all-natural products and remedies. But that doesn’t mean that these products are safe. In fact, many of these treatments can be absolutely horrible for your health if not used correctly.

 A good example is common table salt (sodium chloride). In moderation, table salt won’t have much of an effect on your body. But if you consume too much table salt, this harmless product can start to poison your body. 

TCM practitioners undergo extensive training before they become qualified practitioners. This is so they can fully understand what effects each herb, acupuncture need, pressure point, or diet may have on your body. 

Modern TCM Clinics Are Not 100% Traditional

Chinese medicine might be ancient but the people who practice these medicines are fully aware of the benefits that modern tech has in the medical field. It is not uncommon at all to see various modern medical devices in a TCM clinic. TCM practitioners also leverage devices like stethoscopes, blood tests, blood pressure monitors, blood sugar testing kits, and much more to make an accurate diagnosis. 

There are lots of fun and exciting things to learn about TCM treatments but one of the most fun parts about this type of medical treatment is to give it a try for yourself. Book an appointment with Evergreen CMC so you can discuss a current medical condition with which you might be suffering and have fun exploring different treatments like acupuncture, massage therapy, diet therapy, movement therapy, or herbal treatments

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