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The Connection between Spring and Your Liver – And Great Ways To Transit From Winter To Spring

Spring is finally here and most people are overjoyed. The winter season can be tough to live through when the common cold keeps bringing you down time and time again. Most people look forward to the spring season because the warmer weather naturally combats the spread of certain diseases like the common cold. Some do however find it difficult to be excited about the spring season because this season holds its own challenges.

If you usually struggle with your health during springtime then it is a good time to seek help from chinese medicine in Melbourne and to start focusing on improving your liver.

In this guide, we are taking a look at the connection between spring and the liver and we share great tips to make the transition.

The Connection between Spring and The Liver

In TCM, spring is associated with the liver because this organ is responsible for cleaning, energising, and renewing your body. If your liver is in good health, emotional Qi can flow through your body with ease which can give your mood and energy levels a huge boost. This important organ is also responsible for your metabolism, helps detox your body, and breaks down carbohydrates. With improved health, your liver can effectively remove toxins from your body and help you dispose of calories much easier which may assist with weight loss. 

How to Transit From Wither to Spring According To TCM

Now that you understand the role that the liver plays in your body and why it is associated with the spring season it is time to take a look at the best ways to boost your body this season.

Boost Your Liver Health

The liver is the one organ you should be focusing on this season. If you feel liver pain or have gallbladder issues then visiting a local TCM practitioner for acupuncture or for herbal treatment is a terrific idea. These specialists can help nurse your liver back to good health and they can offer advice on the best non-invasive treatments to try. 

You can also take better care of your liver by releasing negative emotions, taking regular breaks from work, stretching each day to open up pathways in your body, and drinking plenty of water.

Cleanse Your Body

Your liver is responsible for cleansing your body and removing toxins. But this organ usually has a tough time cleansing the body after winter time because people in general reduce physical activity and increase unhealthy food and beverage consumption when it is cold out. Cleansing your body is a good way to reduce the workload on your liver and to help you feel much better. 

A great way to detox your liver is by focusing on fresh green foods or sour foods like leafy vegetables or lemon juice. 

Spring Clean Your Mind

Detoxing your mind is just as important as detoxing your body. We all carry a lot of stress around on a daily basis and this stress can affect our physical health. A good way to soothe and calm your mind is by getting regular massages. These soothing massages are great for removing tension from your muscles and for soothing your mind. You can also give aromatherapy a try and use soothing essential oils like Lavender to calm your mind. 

Evergreen CMC

There are lots of things you can do to ease the transition from winter to spring or to give your body a boost so you can enjoy your spring in optimal health. The best step you can take right now is to book an appointment with Evergreen CMC so a professional practitioner can put you on the right track or direct you toward the right methods based on your unique body type. 

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