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How to Switch Over To A TCM Practitioner

Chinese medicine is a tremendously popular alternative medical treatment in Australia.  Where western medicine usually goes hand in hand with many negative side effects, this treatment usually has very few drawbacks. 

This ancient medical treatment also offers many other health benefits and is designed to gradually improve your overall health or find a good balance while living with chronic conditions.  

Making the switch to TCM practitioners may seem scary but it is actually pretty simple.  Here is a quick look at the best way to switch over to a TCM practitioner.

Don’t Just Quit Your Current Medication

It is very important not to simply give up or briskly stop taking your prescription medication, especially if you are on chronic medication or have a serious condition. 

You should continue taking your prescription medication until your appointment and discuss the medication you need with your TCM practitioner.  

Chinese and western medicine can complement each other wonderfully.  Your TCM practitioner might advise you to start taking additional treatments and can encourage lifestyle and diet changes to boost your health.  

As your health improves, your western doctor might choose to gradually reduce the dosages you are on until you either overcome your current medical condition or find a good and affordable balance between TCM medications and western drugs.

Find a Good Practitioner

Look for a TCM practitioner that is fully qualified and licensed.  You should also only deal with practitioners with lots of experience. 

Evergreen CMC is an example of a fantastic practice that has highly experienced practitioners who can help you out.

Book a Medical Examination

Once you find a great TCM practitioner, you should make an appointment.  The first appointment is usually the longest.  In this appointment, your family medical history, your personal medical history, and your current medications and condition are all discussed while a physical examination is done on you.  

Once the examination is completed, the practitioner will prescribe the correct herbal remedies, lifestyle changes, diet therapy, or physical therapy that you need to help boost your health.

Stick To the Prescription

No amount of medication can help you if you do not take the medication or if you do not take your medicine in the right way or follow the recommendations.  You should try taking your herbal medicine, stick with the diet and lifestyle changes that are prescribed and continue to work towards improving your health.

Consider Other Traditional Therapies

Chinese medicine is quite diverse.  There are lots of therapies that you can try.  A deep tissue massage, acupuncture or meditation can also be very helpful for speeding up your recovery or for reducing the pain you are currently considering.

Book a Follow-Up Session

One single treatment usually isn’t enough to help you overcome a medical condition completely. Follow-up sessions at least once in three months can be very helpful.  In these appointments, your health is evaluated and changes are made to the prescribed medical treatments so you can progress and improve even more.

Book a Follow-Up with Your Western Doctor

This is only necessary if you are on other prescription medications.  If you notice your health improving or if you start feeling better then you should start by booking a follow-up session with your western doctor.  Discuss all the changes you are making and ask about the possibility of reducing your medication dosages. By reducing your dosage, you can avoid the negative side effects of western medicine and save a small fortune on medication.

With these tips and the help of a good TCM practitioner from Evergreen CMC, your transition from western to Chinese medicine is sure to go smoothly. 

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