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TCM – A Good Treatment for Fibromyalgia

Traditional Chinese Medicine is successful for treating a number of health issues without exposing your body to toxins, chemicals or any other medications that have negative side effects. Lots of people who receive this treatment for Fibromyalgia state that these ancient treatments are tremendously helpful for reducing the signs and symptoms of this chronic condition and eases life and everyday tasks tremendously.

What Is Fibromyalgia?

The condition isn’t life-threatening but can cause lots of discomfort and agony in your body throughout your life. Fibromyalgia is quite common. It is estimated that 2% – 10% of Australians suffer from the condition. The condition affects mostly women.

Those that suffer from Fibromyalgia (FM) endure symptoms such as chronic pain, tenderness in their body, muscle stiffness, frequent fatigue and many who suffer from this condition also struggle with mental conditions such as cognitive disturbances or emotional distress.

The cause for FM is unknown and at present, modern medication doesn’t have a cure for this condition but even modern doctors believe that the way your spinal cord, nerves, and brain communicate is affected which results in the pains and aches you feel when you suffer from the condition.

TCM Is a Good Treatment for FM

TCM is one of the most popular treatments for FM because these treatments offer pain relief to sufferers from their very first appointment. Chinese Medicine treatments such as Acupuncture assists in releasing muscle tension which instantly makes patients feel much better. Acupuncture and pressure point stimulation also forces your brain to acknowledge certain parts of your body. If communication paths to these areas are disturbed – as is presumed by many medical professionals – your body can get to work at restoring these communication channels in your nerve endings. The focus is also put on specific parts of your body through acupuncture and your body then sends the needed nutrition and antibodies to heal these parts of your body that might be malnourished or injured.

Why Choose TCM For Treating FM?

There are some medications that assist in treating the symptoms of FM such as pain medications, antidepressants and more. At the end of the day though, modern medicine only focuses on treating the symptoms. Chinese medicine, on the other hand, focuses on curing or resolving your health condition and promotes your body’s ability to naturally heal. Using this natural treatment gives you plenty of great benefits such as the following;

Instant pain relief – Acupuncture and massaging relax your muscles and your mind which instantly makes you feel much better and more positive.

No side effects – Where modern medication usually go hand in hand with all sorts of negative side effects, TCM is all natural and doesn’t affect your body negatively in any way.

Workable solutions – TCM practitioners work with their patients to find a solution that can benefit them in the long run. Our professionals will help you find lifestyle changes, diet therapy and herbal treatments that will benefit you in the long run so you can live much more comfortably despite struggling with this chronic condition.

Good results – Most FM patients experience positive results from receiving TCM treatments and research done on the treatment and on patients receiving the treatment found that the treatment is, in fact, successful for controlling FM.

Are you suffering from Fibromyalgia? Then give Evergreen CMC a call right now so we can help you find balance while living with this chronic condition or so you can gain some relief with treatments such as acupuncture.  
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