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Ways to Protect Yourself from Getting the Common Cold And Other Viruses

Traditional medicine dates back thousands of years ago.  These ancient remedies were used to help people survive before individual viruses could be mapped out and before cures could be developed for many diseases. 

These old healing treatments are still holding up to this very day and are invaluable for building up your body’s immune system as well as for lightening the symptoms of many chronic conditions for which even modern medicine cannot do much.

Now that the coronavirus has broken out here in Australia, everyone is scared to death and looking for good ways to strengthen the immune system so they can avoid catching this dreaded disease in the coming winter. Chinese medicine in Melbourne and a few other basic methods can help you stay protected from the common cold and other diseases.  Here are a few great tips to help you stay safe and healthy this flu season.

Stay Warm

There is a reason flu viruses flourish in wintertime.  The cold temperature helps the virus thrive where warmth naturally destroys the virus.  The pathogens that cause colds and flu will first attack your upper body.  It is important to warm up your upper body and especially areas like your neck, chest, and head.  Bundle up this flu season so your body won’t become an ideal habitat for the cold.  You can also wear a scarf to protect yourself from allergy symptoms, neck stiffness or to keep your chest warm.

Use Immune-Boosting Herbal Treatments

In TCM, experts strongly believe that it is important to boost your immune system before you catch a cold.  Every time you struggle to combat the flu, your body’s immune system weakens.  Right now is a great time to start looking for immune-boosting herbal tonics so you can build up your body.  

Here it is important to know that a tonic that will boost your body might also boost cold pathogens.  If you do feel like you caught something then switch over to herbs that remove pathogens like peppermint, cinnamon, and ginger.  

For optimal results, it is best to consult with a TCM expert before you start taking any tonics or herbs. 

Professional practitioners can help you identify the most powerful tonics to either boost your body or remove pathogens so you can successfully combat the common cold.

Indulge In Warming Foods and Beverages

Winter foods like squash, veggies, potatoes, and others are ideal for making you feel warmer and these foods are also packed with lots of nutrients to boost your body naturally. 

In winter it is best to avoid cooling foods like watermelon since these are better for hydrating your body in summer than for combating disease in winter.

Stay Active

Staying physically active is one of the best ways to build a strong immune system.  Lots of activity can also help you get rid of fresh infection.  If you suddenly wake with a sore throat then it is time to sweat it out.  This is because cold pathogens are now stuck in your upper body.  By doing light exercises that get you perspiring, your body can release these pathogens via sweat so you can recover faster.

Reduce Exposure to Chemicals and Fragrances

Chemical fragrances can affect your respiratory health.  This is because the chemicals irritate your respiratory system which makes your body work hard to combat these irritations and your immune system becomes exhausted.  An irritated respiratory system is also much more vulnerable to virus infections and can increase your chance of getting a serious condition like bronchitis.

With the right personal care and a good dose of Chinese medicine prescribed by a good TCM clinic like Evergreen CMC, you can survive this winter with ease and reduce the chances of getting the common cold or other virus infections. 
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